About Hull Polishing
Get the ladder and the buffer, search for that compound you're sure has enough it in still then ask your partner or a friend for help.... for a couple hours, days, a weekend depending on weather.... LOL... Yeah that where we started too 23 years ago! Since then we have learned a lot and love to share our lessons!

The topsides (vertical hull) surfaces require corrections. The elements are constantly attacking your gel coat producing oxidation every day without protection. The theory is your gel coat is like your skin, its porous. When it dries out it must be ex-foliated (compound) and toned (polish) to bring back the health before moisturizing (coating) can be applied. 

TIP: DO NOT WAIT TIL MAY to book your hull polishing services!!!!

You also have the oppourtunity to skip the lessons and become a STAR CLIENT and be corrected and protected year round. If you're looking for a one time glamourification use our booking form to get on the list

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