When we attend to the interior of your vessel, respect is our number one guideline.

Breaching the companionway is an endeavour enabled by years of honorable and selfless service provided. It is a private space, a personal space, an intimate space acquired to provide sanctuary from the elements, society and only open to a trusted few. This space is where what happens on the water stays on the water happens. We enter with one focus. Leave it far better than we found it. Basically, look every where, touch only what is necessary and then forget everything you may have seen.

About Interior Detailing
Every surface including the headliner, galley, head and beneath the cushions get touched. Cupboards, drawers and fridges are omitted so not to disturb personal items unless level III to VI detailing is requested. It is the responsibility of the vessel owner to provide access to the interior on schedule

Sail or power, interior cleaning services levels are chosen by the depth of detail requested or required to provide a healthy interior environment. Our experience with Steam cleaning, ozone treatments, head, galley, salon, staterooms, bilges and engine room detailing will prove we are the best mobile detailing business based in Toronto serves all of Ontario.

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