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Every Boat Can Become a STAR

Weekly Deck Washes

Monthly Interior Detail

Monthly Hull Washes

Polishing and Protection

Our goal is to ensure your boat is always ready to enjoy and/or sell!

Consistent care will ensure your boat is the most beautiful on any dock.

Here is what you get and MORE for FREE!!!

Shrink Wrap Removal

Spring Canvas Installation

Waterline Cleaning

Canvas Waterproofing

Local Towing

Odour Control w/Ozone

Sanitization w/Vital Oxide

Weekly Photos

Shoutouts on Social Media

+Laundry /Linen Service

+Dockside Catering

+100L Local Fuel Delivery

+Bottom Painting

+DIY Consultation with Spike


(+ indicates there will be additional

fees outside of our FREE delivery)

  • Who?

    All boats of all any age are welcome from anywhere in our service area. We would only reject boaters that do not love their boats.

    Sail and power up to 120 Ft LOA.

  • What?

    This is a continuious care guarantee that requires a committed relationship with your boat. We will keep it beautiful and you promise to show up often and enjoy it!

  • Where?

    On site marinas, yacht clubs and readily accesible storage locations.

  • When?

    The maintenance schedeule is year round and so is your payment schedule.

  • Why?

    COVID19 is a big why! Our investments into sanitization tools, products and knowledge must be applied, consistently to keep our boaters and their boats safe!

    We also wish to serve our boats the maximum value from our deep inventory of skills to ensure your boats are always ready to enjoy and/or sell!

  • How Much?

    Everybody else pays 100% in full, in advance before any of our team can be dispatched.

    Our Star Clients have a monthly payment schedule that eliminates big transactions and reinforces the long term relationship we cherish with your boats.

Every boat can become a Star!
"Making them beautiful is hard work, Keeping them beautiful is easier this way!

Continuous care is highly recommended for every asset if you wat to maintain it value and reliability.

  • Low cost monthly
  • Clean, polished, protected and sanitized
  • Always ready to enjoy and/or sell for top dollar!

It's entirley possible we take our jobs far to seriously but the truth is, this is precisely what our most loyal custmers asked for and absolutly deserve!

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